SocialMeter Suite:
Social and Web monitoring
for your market strategies

Twitter/Instagram posts processed in real-time per day

Main social accounts monitored daily

Images captured and scanned by single event

Web sources surveyed in multiple languages, including 40.000 in Italian

Make your marketing decisions
thanks to web monitoring

With SocialMeter Suite you will be able to obtain strategic information from people’s real experiences and behaviors, through the magnifying glass of social networks and the web. Our Suite includes a number of tools that operate the most sophisticated AI technologies, machine and deep learning, including image analysis.

All of SocialMeter Suite’s tools

Image Scan

Maps consumer experiences recognising every element featured in images from social networks: gender, age, emotions, favorite colors, brands, products, objects, tags or other texts.

Digital Analytics Web

Observes your brand’s reputation 24/7 through blogs, news, forums and internet websites picking up all the content regarding your brand thanks to its in-depth web monitoring.

Digital Analytics Social

Brings you closer to the consumer community allowing you to find out about the public’s opinion expressed on social networks regarding any topic. With social media monitoring you will be able to anticipate the markets in a strategic way.

Account Analytics

Helps you evaluate the quality of your digital marketing campaign by monitoring the number of subscriptions, likes, shares, interactions, engagement and new insights to best calibrate your releases.

Total Wall

Theultimate solution for events: collects all content and live streaming on a single interactive interface to develop engagement and benefit from sophisticated digital tools.

Open up your market strategiesto SocialMeter Suite’s web monitoring.

Start valuing the web’s information.

Even wine becomes smartwith Big Data

Masi Wineryhas chosen SocialMeter in order to access valuable data and to make conscious choices regarding their wines. When knowledge becomes action.

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