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Experience teaches us that together we can go far, which is why we have created an ecosystem of partnerships linked together by a great guiding principle: innovation in Big Data Analytics. Collaborations with numerous global companies, universities and experienced professionals in the field allow us to give even more value and excellence to what we do, to the market insights we offer, to the ideas we inspire.



With them we have entered into a growth pact and exchange of value. We leverage their respective skills and technologies to work together on innovation. Their multi-sectoriality combined with our patented methodology is the ideal fuel to power the SocialMeter engine.

ADEXE is a consulting firm specialized in the protection, management and valorization of rights deriving from Industrial Property titles (patents, trademarks, design, know-how). Services include the most complete legal assistance (extrajudicial and judicial) as well as technical assistance, thanks to the skills of its Consultant Agents, Lawyers, and its network full of experienced professionals.

AmicoBicchiere is the event business partner that provides customizable, reusable and 100% recyclable plastic cups. By adopting the “returnable glass” system, which is simple, advantageous, intelligent and already widely used throughout Europe, it makes it possible to cut costs and safeguard the environment. Moreover, the use of QR code platform make it an additional interactive marketing tool.

Business Intelligence Group Srl is a consulting company with high technological value, able to realize Forecasting Models, Business Intelligence Systems, Geomarketing and Market Research. These are all services that require a lot of “computing power” for BIG DATA processing and the development of Artificial Intelligence systems.

COMUNICADIGITALE.COM is a communication agency that aims to introduce customers to one of the most powerful sales channels, the Internet. The mission is pursued in a simple and efficient way, with activities related to the website and its positioning on Google, online and offline advertising and social network management.

De-LAB Società Benefit is a social design center specialized in accompanying for profit companies within the Purpose Economy.
We do this by activating paths of Inclusive Business, Social Innovation and Ethical Corporate Communication, building together with our customers “their why”, through initiatives of social and environmental sustainability.

Dialogica is a marketing consulting firm that uses innovative technologies in order to measure in-store flows in real time, segment shoppers by gender and age, determine the buying process or decisions, and define all the performance indicators by category or product.

ecoSurge is an initiative founded by practitioners, researchers, policy-makers, SMEs and social enterprises operating in different countries, aimed at accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the sustainable transformation of SMEs by leveraging digital technologies, new business models and active cooperation.

Enjoy Museum is a company that offers comprehensive solutions to enhance museums and exhibitions through an ecosystem of technologies and services. Working alongside both established exhibition realities and new projects, it offers a transversal support from the technological architecture to the setting up of the exhibition, passing through the accuracy of the contents.

Esc Group is the multibrand 4.0 agency of the fashion industry, for over thirty years in the market of northeastern Italy, specializing in retail distribution of sportswear and accessible luxury. It combines its intermediation activity with the development of digital connections with important companies with technological imprinting to revolutionize the shopping experience in the fashion panorama.

Lightfull® GOOD FOR LIFE is an Italian company that deals with research and selection of high-tech products that improve human life, providing flexible, practical and economical solutions for the safety and comfort of people living in the new global economy.

MEC Studio is a communications agency that specializes in creating communications campaigns for the event industry. It offers services that combine marketing with events, communications and business experience.

MYCHICJUNGLE SRL is an Innovation Hub that offers diversified services defined according to customized strategies, able to make way for companies in the jungle of current technologies, channelling new business models in the context of the digital market.

SG Company S.p.A. is the parent company of an entrepreneurial project of Live & Digital Communication for B2B, B2C and BTL markets. It offers specific and quality advice, sharing the goal of constant growth.

Tangram is a group of professionals founded in 1994. Specialized in organizational and management consulting working with both multinational corporations and small to medium sized businesses. It adopts its own methodology of knowledge transmission, privileging a systemic approach and a pragmatic attitude.

The Creative Brothers is a communications agency made up of a collective of professionals who create storytelling cases about creative people and companies in every field, whether already popular or still little known. The agency creates brand narratives told through interviews, websites or web magazines.

Wine Meridian is the first online web magazine dedicated to Italian wine in the world. A communication tool created to give voice in a pragmatic and concrete way to the experiences and needs of entrepreneurs and wine professionals who daily face the international markets.

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Our network is always open to welcoming new collaborations. The more we are, the more we know, the more we innovate. You can join our strategic partners and make your contribution in the world of Big Data Analytics with SocialMeter. Write and let’s talk about it!

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Our technical partners

We collaborate with those who bring the value of Big Data to the world.
We have built an ecosystem of innovative companies operating in different sectors and markets.

we collaborate with

San Marcos, TX, USA

Technology hub with whom we pushed the borders of research in Machine and Deep Learning for image semiotics.

Boston, MA, USA

Strong in Media and Computer Science, it has supported us in research projects on behavior analysis and call to action techniques.

Richmond, VA, USA

The university gave us humanistic skills in order to improve Analytics and Market Analysis solutions for events.

Passau, Germania

Research center located in the heart of Europe; chose us to investigate the competitive factors of data-driven business models.

Milano, Italia

Through a Big Data statistical analysis project between science, art and technology, we correlate and interpret numbers strategically.

Venezia, Italia

In addition to collaborations during the annual SIForum, we are involved in projects on Big Data management for Strategic Innovation.

Venezia, Italia

To integrate aesthetics, user experience, and visual arts into new solutions, we collaborated on Experience Design projects.

Venezia, Italia

Reality with which we have started a synergistic relationship to monitor the advances in the field of Neurobranding and Digital Communications.

Milano, Italia

We are partner of the Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Observatory, one of the research centers of the most scientific and technological institute in Italy.

Verona, Italia

A double collaboration: on one hand for the analysis of marketing behaviors, on the other hand for data storage and management with advanced systems

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