Total Wall,
how to live digital events at their best

The Total Wall digital platform is designed by SocialMeter in order to manage online experiences in real time. It is able to broadcast any type of content such as live streamings, social media lives, videos, texts or web pages on every kind of display, from the smallest smartphone to the large ledwall, seamlessly and effortlessly.

Engagement thanks
to hashtag analytics

With Total Wall digital and reality meet and experiences become “social”.
You choose the hashtags and the platform will show you in realtime – with the possibility to filter content – all the images and comments shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Virtual experiences with Total Wall

The big events

Total Wall shows in real time the flow of experiences and social mentions of participants on social networks during your digital event. Result?
More engagement, more interactivity for those at home, more space dedicated to your partners and supporters.

More dynamic Webinars

In addition to integrating live streams broadcasted on social media or on the internet, you can create the ideal setting to capture the public’s attention: colors, images and personalized content will serve as backdrops for your seminars, conferences, workshops or online training courses.

Company Profile

Build your company’s digital presentation in an original, interesting and appealing way. Conquer the market at first glance, Total Wall allows you to do so with a company profile of assured success, customizable, fast and above all shareable online with a click.

Targeted Advertising

Total Wall allows you to create product showcases, digital showrooms and forms of interactive advertising through a simplified process of message conveying. You will be able to promote what you do in a distinctive way by talking about yourself to the market.

Employer Branding

To strengthen the bond with collaborators and create a positive reputation among clients, display your Total Wall in offices or corporate environments. You can use it as an internal communication tool and as a “voice” for your brand, to convey value.

Retail Marketing

TotalWall is especially ideal for retail since it allows you to choose which products to give visibility to, to bring promotions from flyers to digital, to diversify communication within the single PDV projecting content on maxi screens.

Exploit the power ofhashtag analytics,social mentions and digital.

Total Wall is the innovative platform to make your online experiences great.

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