The festival’s Jury may have awarded the elite cinema but Twitter conversations rotated around the most popular films

The 73rd edition of the Venice International Film Festival, which ended on Saturday 10th, has been one of the most successful editions so far: a high concentration of national and international movies and movie stars, fans, journalists and photographers that once again filled the Venice Lagoon red carpet.

This year Film Festival attempted to award both the elite cinema and the more popular films: the Volpi Cup for the Best Male Performance was awarded to Oscar Martinez, whereas the Best Female went to Emma Stone, and the Golden Lion for the Best Film to “The Woman Who Left” directed by Lav Diaz. If the Festival’s Jury tried to balance both the more artistic and the more popular features of the competing films, Twitter users had no doubt and rewarded the second.

SocialMeter Analysis monitored Twitter conversations on Venezia73 between July 27th and September 12th, through the hashtags #venezia73 and #biennalecinema2016. The result was over 136k tweets and 16k pictures in two months, shared by over 37k users. Tweet peaks have been registered on September 4th (during Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Young Pope” screening) and during the award ceremony of September 10th, with more of 12k tweets in both cases.

The related hashtags which made their appereance in these tweets highlighted Twitter’s taste: the most mentioned were the Italian #Piuma by Roan Johnson (over 7k tweets with this hashtag) and the musical #LaLaLand, with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (over 5k tweets), followed by #TheYoungPope and #TheLightBetweenOceans with Michael Fassbender (who has been also one of the most popular actor of this Festival on Twitter). But Fassbender wasn’t alone: Emma Stone got 2409 tweets with her hashtag, Amy Adams 2131, Natalie Portman 1754 and Jake Gyllenhall 1622. A great success for Tom Ford as well, whose hashtag got 996 mentions and whose “Nocturnal Animals” was awarded with the Grand Jury Prize.

Among the most mentioned accounts on Twitter “Piuma” reconfirms its popularity: Clara Alonso (who plays Pilar in the film), Roan Johnson (the director) and Francesca Michielin (whose song “Almeno Tu” features in the film soundtrack) are all among the first 15 most mentioned Twitter users in #venezia73 related conversations.

Last but not least among the most mentioned there were Ciak magazine (4089), Italian fiction producer Carlo Degli Espositi (2060), Rai Movie (1875), youtuber K4U (1478) and film critic Robbie Collin (1194).