Social Event

The ultimate format to manage events. A solution unique in the market, starting from Photostream, the call to action tool.

Why Social Event


Social Event is the new way to manage events in the physical and digital worlds: an innovative model to interact with attendees, designed with the goal of increasing involvement during roadshows, wine/beer/food tastings, sporting events, and to help you climb to the top of the social media rankings!

Any event

The format is suitable for any event: roadshows, wine/beer/food tastings, sporting events, conventions, etc.

In real-time

Thanks to the real-time approach you will always be connected with attendees

An unparalleled involvement

The emulation spirit will push engagement level and attendee interaction to the stars



the hashtag of your event and advertise it on social media.


monitoring the content published by users so as not to lose a single reaction.


the attendees with innovative call to action tools such as Photostream.


at the end, the list of all the users who interacted with your event on social media.

How it will help my business


Real-time monitoring tools and innovative call to action tools, such as Photostream, will trigger a completely different user experience, with such an emotional impact that the memory of the event will last forever in the attendees’ minds.


It is considered one among the best existing call to action tools, thanks to which you can transform your attendees into true protagonists of the event. All the pictures posted on Instagram and Twitter with your hashtag(s) will be collected in real-time and mediated, using a powerful management interface, to be shown on a maxi-screen, a computer monitor, a tablet, or a smart-phone, by using a straightforward but engaging format. Editing functions allow for the customization of the format by adding your logo and a rolling bar that you can use to engage the attendees with dynamically updated direct messages.


Total Wall

It is the innovative multichannel real-time interface allowing you to show social media contents, video streams, Photostream, index scores, and other representations of social media activity related to your event, on any device. The interface is fully customizable and it will make your attendees’ user experience even more exciting.

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