From March, 28th to April, 3rd the most awaited museum dedicated event comes back: the #MuseumWeek

For the third time in a row, the museum spring becomes ‘social’, thanks to the international event #MuseumWeek. It is a communication plan via Twitter, which aims to set arts as a viral phenomenon and more specifically, it wants to empower borderline cultural activities, which don’t benefit of the same visibility, funds and public turnout of big museums. Through the official Twitter project account (@MuseumWeek) 7 daily topics (7 hashtags) have been chosen: #secrets, #people, #architecture, #heritage, #future, #zoom and #love. To bring the public closer to museums with Twitter is an ambitious goal but, so far, is succeeding. In the last edition, over 2800 museums and galleries have joined the challenge, 259 of which in Italy, for an overall of 600 thousand tweets. A big success we hope will be equaled this year.

The premises seems to be good: Socialmeter Analysis is monitoring Twitter conversations through the hashtag #MuseumWeek and has collected over 9 thousand tweets so far. The geo-locations data revealed conversation peaks especially in the States and in Western Europe (France has the higher number of users among the European countries: 1085). The official event account, @museumweek, is obviously the most active profile and the most mentioned one.